Social Media Management

Connecting the Dots

There’s no shortage of social media channels out there, from Twitter and Facebook to Tumblr and LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram, and many many more. We can make sure you’re on those that will generate results for you – in a joined-up way so that you’re creating a lattice of interlocking messages, each nudging potential leads to become customers.

Managing multiple platforms calls for skills in planning, strategy, and coordination. We’ve got all that and more, including the creativity and flexibility to ride the wave of response to your social media activity from different audiences. Reality check: what’s put out there with good intent isn’t always perceived that way, as media coverage of big company online mishaps makes clear. There’s a whole other set of skills around damage limitation, and being able to turn lemons into lemonade comes in really useful.

Engagement is What Works

All of this can have a fantastic impact on your business. Just be aware how much work can be involved: one survey by Millward Brown Digital showed 53% of people expect a response to them mentioning a corporation online within an hour. The good news is, get that right and 42% of people will encourage family and friends to buy your products.

The days of companies telling people what to think are over. Media-savvy modern consumers want a different kind of relationship with their brands of choice – what works now is engagement. And that means generating lots of material on an ongoing basis. It’s worth it, for sure. Just be aware going into this what the commitment can be to do the job properly. We’re telling you now, so you’re suitably prepared.

3 reasons to use Social Media Management

– Interact with your audience to build your brand and get data you won’t find elsewhere
– Generate leads at 1/3 of the cost of non-digital methods
– Target messaging, eg. by level of education or relationship status

Pipedown offers Social Media Marketing & Social Media Management as part of it's Lead Generation Services.