Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is Not Optional

We like traffic. And we like income even more. And that’s what SEO is about – making sure that all our activity on your behalf pays off. It’s acquired a reputation as a dark art, primarily because whenever one agency works out how to get a result for their clients, others game that feature to the point of ridiculousness. Result – sooner or later, there’s an update which means the original trick doesn’t work any more.

Tricks aren’t our style. Sure, we can think laterally and Houdini would be proud of some of what we’ve achieved for clients. More than those feats, we’re interested in building long term success for you. And gaming isn’t going to achieve that result, which is where revenues are to be found.

Boosting Your Visibility

What we do is make you as visible as possible, from as many vantage points as possible. That’s what consistently creates great results, and we continue to refine our expertise with that end in mind. To begin with, we make sure that search engines can find, rate, and rank your material. And that’s a lot easier if you’re actively engaging with your audience, which in turn has a domino effect for the work we do around content creation and two-way exchange with people on social media.

At this point, Google tracks more than 200 signals that it uses to determine the quality of what we’re doing online with any given site. Our aim is to bear that tracking in mind when we’re developing material for you that is accessible, easily shared, and can effectively lead a life of its own. It’s a lot to stay on top of, and that’s why we recommend you work with us for your digital marketing. There’s no quick fix, but we excel at the long game.

3 reasons to use Search Engine Optimisation

– It reflects how people behave – they use search engines to find what they want
– SEO criteria change frequently – we know how to adapt to stay current
– Cost-effectiveness vs. PPC

Search Engine Optimisation Is A Lead generation service & strategy offered by Pipedown.