Pay-per-click Search

Ambition + Method = Results

The core to effective PPC campaigns is being clear just what your ambitions are, and matching them to a suitable budget. PPC covers Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Bing, and more. Better to cover a couple of those channels effectively than spread yourself thin over several, and the more you know about your customers the better choices we can make about which to focus on.

Once we’re clear about campaign goals, we craft messages and test them. The response we get will inform how we adapt that messaging, and one of the beauties of PPC is the ease of making adjustments when a campaign is underway.

Expanding Your Influence

Writing PPC ads is as much science as art, with a very limited wordcount available to get a message across and a compelling reason for someone to click through. Quality copywriting helps here – it’s not just about persuasive language, what counts here is a gift for minimum text with maximum impact.

An effective PPC campaign can take your business into new territory, identify potential customers based on their interest in what you have to say. It can also have a positive impact on your organic search results, too.

We advise clients to let a campaign run for 3 months or more, which allows plenty of time to gather feedback to initial messaging and develop ever-more sophisticated iterations. Get it right, and the ROI can be seriously impressive. We’re good at getting it right.

3 reasons to use Pay-per-click advertising

– Only pay for people interested enough to click through
– See instant results
– Reach people in particular geographical locations

Pay per click search often involves Google Adwords. It find's warm leads and increases lead generation. It is a service offered by Pipedown.