Pay-Per-Click Retargeting

Making the Most of an Opportunity

The concept is simple enough. Some people will have visited you as a result of PPC, and not followed through to the extent that you’d like them to. They were interested enough to visit in the first place, and you know just what they took a peek at. So, the opportunity to engage with them again is – frankly – irresistible.

We’ve all done that on the high street – popping into a shop, but not making a purchase. Maybe we liked what we saw but didn’t have time to buy, or the right amount of spare cash. It’s just the same online.

If at First You Don’t Succeed…

As advertisers, it’s dumb to assume visitors didn’t intend to get more engaged with us. That’s just a story in our head. Allow people to re-engage, and find out what happens second time around…or third, or…

There’s solid psychology involved in this, by the way. Some people need to experience a prompt a particular number of times before committing to a transaction. Others will get more involved with you after a certain period of time. And if that means contacting them a month later, or for a third time, then the result is absolutely worth it – especially given the low cost of PPC.

Some people, even people working in digital marketing, are clueless when it comes to remarketing. Mostly that’s around ignorance of the systems involved to look for pertinent information and act on it. Trust us, we know how to find that and do something cool.

3 reasons to use Pay-per-click retargeting

– Target people who’ve visited you before
– Knowing what pages someone looked at previously enables you to refine messaging
– Some people need to see a message a few times before acting on it

Pay per click retargeting is about remarketing to those customers that have been on your page. This is a lead generation service that is provided by Pipedown