Media Planning/Buying

Expert Analysis

The media landscape is increasingly complex. Budgets are continuously challenged and ROI expectations are high. Communicating the right ad message to the right target at the right time is critical to delivering maximum results through any media.

While we value creativity, we insist that all our media plans are informed by the latest media, industry and client research available not to mention our deep reservoir of experience. Our priority is to deliver the very best ad placements at the very best costs.

Giving you a Leading Edge

Our media plans include recommendations that enable the analysis of which media channels work better than others, which creative messaging is resonating better than others, and which ad sizes, positioning, placement, and timing, perform better than others, while optimising all aspects of an advertising campaign towards delivering the best results.

3 reasons to use Media Planning/Buying

– Understand your target market in every possible way
– Evaluate multiple approaches to find the best media ROI
– Discover new media solutions that set you apart from your competitors

A lead generation service thats provided by Pipedown is media buying & media planning