Facebook Advertising

The World’s Truly Social Media

On one day in August 2015, 1 billion people checked out what was happening on Facebook. That’s 1 in 7 of the world’s population. Do we need to say any more than that? That staggering figure presents unparalleled marketing opportunities. And we’re adept at leveraging them on behalf of clients.

As a Facebook user yourself, you already know how much information the site contains. That’s something you can tap into, embracing the possibilities presented by what people ‘like’, who they’re connected with, what their interests are, and so on.

Making the Numbers Work for You

The possibilities are endless. And the key is in combining what we already know from other aspects of your customer knowledge with the particular facilities Facebook presents. Align them, and all of a sudden your pipeline increases in size tremendously, and the number of potential leads along with it.

Utilise Facebook Ads, and the double whammy of audience reach and highly-targeted data presents incredible opportunities. We’re here to make sure you make the most of them. And you can start small. Even creating a page for your business will give you useful information about the people who express interest.

3 reasons to use Facebook Advertising

– Can you afford to ignore 1.49 billion active users?
– Combine the powers of audience reach and highly-targeted data
– Add Facebook Retargeting campaigns for added impact

Pipedown has a lead generation service in Facebook Advertising