Email Marketing & Automation

Building Bonds

The psychology of receiving an email is different from the experience of coming across a message on social media. Even if the content is the same, there is – or at least can be – a level of personal contact with an email that no other online communication can match.

Email, literally, stays with those who receive it. At any rate, until they decide to delete it. We’re good at creating emails that people keep and read though. And the format allows you both to tell your audience what you’d like them to hear, and for them to feed back to you through surveys or other forms of response. That information can be invaluable.

Make Customers Your Ambassadors

We’ll craft emails for you that match the look of your website, to build a consistent brand that follows your customers wherever they are. And we’ll make it simple for them to share any content you’d like circulated within the reach of their social media.

Effective email marketing is a system that grows your audience, and grows with them. No need for an awkward transition period – a sufficiently robust and flexible system can cope with the expansion, and we design them with success in mind.

Email marketing doesn’t just enable you to target new prospects – it allows you to strengthen your relationship with existing customers. Surveys give you more information about them, and get the content and flow right and they’ll put more money your way long term.

3 reasons to use Email Marketing & Automation

– Keep in touch with existing and prospective customers
– Develop a 2-way relationship by asking your audience for feedback
– Social media links allow customers to spread the word for you

Pipedown has a Lead Generation service which involves Email Marketing